Saturday, February 8, 2020

Understanding IEP Meetings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Understanding IEP Meetings - Essay Example The special education teacher is very instrumental in addressing the special and individualized needs of the learner. The special education teacher provides recommendations on how the special learner can succeed in the learning process; for example, giving front row seat to the learner with short vision. The local school district representative ensures that the school administrating and teachers effectively implement the conditions set in the IDEA 2004. Example includes, providing appropriate individualized education to the student requiring special learning attention (Friend, 2012). The school psychologist is also another IEP team member. His/her role entails addressing the psychosocial needs of the student; for example, ensuring that the student is in a fit mental state so as to enhance learning. The student is the most important member in the team. The student is required to explain the challenges that he/she experiences in the learning process. The private therapist caters for th e emotional, social and psychological interests of the student. Example entails, guiding the students on the most appropriate approach of relating and communicating with fellow students and teachers, so as to improve learning process (Kamens, 2014). The care provider has the key responsibility of positively guiding the student in all learning activities. The family friend is also critical in socially guiding the student towards adopting positive learning activities. The final member of the IEP team is the reading or behavior expert. The expert is expected to provide professional opinion, in regards to approaches of improving education and related activities of the special student (Patterson, 2013). The chapter 5 video illustrates the IEP team members who took part in the meeting. The required members were present in the meeting. The student, Dominic, was adequately accompanied by his parent. The dad is

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