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Essay on Conflict Resolution Techniques - 1620 Words

Most people believe that conflict is something negative. In many cases conflict can be. Whether1 a small dispute between two neighbors or a global conflict that leads to war, conflict is inevitable. Disagreement is a part of human nature. We are a society of individuals working together to achieve common goals. How we handle conflict determines whether the outcome is a negative or a positive one. If properly handled, conflict may lead to growth, maturity, and understanding of one another. If not, conflict at school could lead to broken ties, at home to hurt feelings, and in the workplace to discouragement. These negative outcomes may be avoided when conflict is handled properly. There is no single technique that works best for†¦show more content†¦If both parties took their time to fully understand what the others objectives were, they might realize that they could work together to reach a common goal. Cooperation might be a chance to turn a conflict into a team e ffort. There are times though, that even cooperation, core values and other techniques fail to solve conflict between two parties. Outside assistance may be necessary. Peer mediation is an affective conflict resolution method used in many schools. With young adults, confiding certain problems with someone who is not in his or her age group may be difficult. Most teens feel like someone older may view the problem differently or might not completely understand the situation. Peer mediation basically teaches teens how to work out their problems amongst themselves. To resolve a conflict with peer mediation, there are certain steps that one must approach to successfully resolve a conflict. When a problem occurs between two individuals a mediator steps in to help solve the problem. The first step for the mediator is to set the stage. The mediator should introduce themselves and keep a neutral position. Explaining to both parties that everything said is confidential and each perso n will have a chance explaining his or her side in a calm mature manner. Having communication amongst the two parties is very important inShow MoreRelatedTechniques of Conflict Resolution Observed in the Semai and Paliyan Societies1972 Words   |  8 PagesConflict is â€Å"the incompatible needs, differing demands, contradictory wishes, opposing beliefs or diverging interests which produce interpersonal antagonism and, at times, hostile encounters† (Bonta 1996: 405). Conflict resolution can be defined as the ability of individuals or groups of people to settle or avoid disputes through strategies that stop violence and bring people together in one peace (Bonta 1996: 406). A society in which interpersonal harmony is of a relatively high degree, with littleRead MoreConflict : Conflict And Conflict1160 Words   |  5 PagesConflict is a problematic situation that occurs between interdependent people who seek different goals or means to those goals. Conflict is inevitable as relationships become closer, more personal, and more interdependent, more conflicts occur, perceived trivial or minor complaints become more significant, and feelings become more intense. Conflict has many definitions (opposing viewpoints, when opponents engage in battle, going against one another in some fashion, incompatibility between the objectivesRead MoreConflicting Parties Case Study Analysis1142 Words   |  5 Pagespossibility. However, through thoughtful conflict resolution, Brian and Jon can negotiate the means to more forward working together, without continuing to distract the other with their own work style. Conflict Resolution In broad terms, conflict resolution refers to the process two or more individuals utilize in order to reach an agreement to a dispute or debate (Miall, Ramsbotham Woodhouse, 1999). While there are many specific components to conflict resolution, the application of each facet is stronglyRead MoreEssay on Webuwrite Academy Conflict1582 Words   |  7 PagesWebuwrite Academy Conflict â€Å"One of the tenets of this book is that all conflicts are about two issues: power and self-esteem.†(Hocker,J.L. Wilmot, W.W., 2014). Thought, interpersonal relationships, and knowledge form our mental image of how we view or regard ourselves, consequently how view ourselves determines our conflict engagement method. Personal power, as it relates to the authority, control and the influence we exert in an organization, is also a predictor of our conflict engagement methodRead MoreMajor Factors Determining Organizational Performance And Effectiveness1563 Words   |  7 Pagesassumed that less committed employees tend to leave their organizations more often and, in case of lack of alternatives, they may â€Å"emotionally or mentally â€Å"withdraw† from the organization† (Lok Crawford, 1999, p. 58; 2004, p. 321).This can lead to conflict or a kind of tension between the organization and the employee. Mathieu and Zajac (1990) also found evidence for the relati onship between organizational commitment and turnover. Yammarino and Dubinsky (1992) advocate an employee’s awareness of theRead MoreThe Ability For An Educator1386 Words   |  6 Pagesareas of following rules for classroom behavior, procedures for classroom activities, and using problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Prior assessment indicated these skills occurred often, but are now occurring consistently. Through continued research and practice of such methods, areas of growth for me included modeling effective problem solving and conflict resolution skills, knowledge of behavior management models, and exhibiting emotional objectivity when responding to student misbehaviorRead More Communication Patterns of Children During Conflict Essay examples1558 Words   |  7 Pageseventually their siblings or peers. Conflict is a part of life that children need to use to develop skills on resolving disagreements; conflict is not always bad. Peer conflict, however, can l ead to aggressive behavior because of significant emotional and physical harm. Many youth lack the social skills needed to handle their aggravation. Peer conflict communicates joint disagreement or aggression between peers or peer groups. Peer conflict is characterized as conflict between people of equal or similarRead More Conflict Resolution Essay1288 Words   |  6 Pages Major conflict that is not dealt with can devastate a team or organization (Make Conflict Work, 2008). In some situations, conflict can be more constructive than destructive. Recognizing the difference between conflict that is constructive to the team and conflict that is destructive to the team is important. Trying to prevent the conflict is not always the best way to manage conflict when working within a team setting. Understanding conflict, what causes it, and how to resolve conflict effectivelyRead MoreAdvocacy Competences of School Counselors936 Words   |  4 Pagesregulations and avoid chances of offenses, as well (Trusty Brown, 2005) . Thirdly, it is vital to be enlightened on the mechanisms of dealing with disputes. Many at times, the clients present with either interpersonal or interpersonal conflicts that warrants resolution process. Fourthly, with knowledge of the available advocacy models, the counselors gain direction of focus when dispensing their services. It enables counselors to be flexible while at work and respond to ever changing presentation ofRead MoreTeam Conflict Development : Team Dynamics Theories1788 Words   |  8 Pagesconduct a literature review of team conflict development, team dynamics theories in support of conflict competence, and provide abilities to effectively diagnose and address conflicts as they arise Introduction on the background of the conflict management One of the major contributors to the study of conflict management is The Thomas–Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKIâ„ ¢). The instrument was created to a developed assist to help organizations in manger conflict. Thomas–Kilmann worked on this project

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